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Govt confirms new gas field in Bhola

Govt confirms new gas field in Bhola : The government on Monday confirmed the discovery of a new natural gas reserve in Bhola. A reserve of around 600 billion cubic feet (BCF) of natural gas has been found at Bheduria union in Bhola, Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam told reporters at Bangladesh Secretariat. It would be the 27th gas field in the country. State-owned Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Limited (BAPEX) have discovered two layers in the new gas reservoir. The first layer with a thickness nine metres has been found between 3236 meters and 3245 meters depth below the surface while another layer was found between 3260 meters and 3285 meters having a thickness of 25 meters. There might be another layer in the new gas reserve in a depth between 3450 meters and 3480 meters below the surface. The new gas reserve will take the total gas output from Bhola to a total 1.5 trillion cubic feet (tcf), the cabinet secretary said without specifying any further details. Petrobangla officials said they are expecting to extract 900bct of natural gas by drilling two exploratory wells in Bhola North and Bhola south. “We are getting the prospects based on primary data. But making the actual gas reserve will be confirmed after completing the drill stem testing (DST) in Bhola North,” a senior official of Petrobangla said. The prospects of gas reserve in the area were established after drilling of an exploration well in Bhola south at the end of last year. “It might be the biggest gas reserve we have discovered in last 10-12 years,” BAPEX Managing Director Md. Nowshad Islam then told the daily sun. He said the existing Shahbazpur gas field has a reserve of 500bcf (billion cubic feet), adding that the new gas field is bigger than the existing one. “This is a new hope for Bangladesh in the era of LNG import,” he said. BAPEX initiated the drilling of the exploration well with Russian firm Gazprom at a cost of $16.6 million each at Bhola north and south. The Gazprom EP International BV started the drilling of the well on August 21, 2017. The new gas field is about 30 kilometres away from the existing field in Bhola. The government discovered a small gas field at Rupganj in Purbachal city three years ago. The gas field has a gas reserve of the only 33.6bcf (billion cubic feet) that suspended production. Besides, the gas output from Sundalpur and Begumganj also suspended due to low pressure in supply. Bangladesh has a remaining gas reserve of around 13.28 trillion cubic feet, compelling the government to start making plans for LNG imports. As per government’s vision, it plans to drill a total of 28 wells by December 2018. International oil companies will work on the drilling of 13 of those wells. The demand for natural gas in the country has been estimated at 3781mmcfd in 2017-18 fiscal against the supply 2745.8 mmcfd from 21 existing gas fields.

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